School of Motion – Cinema 4D Basecamp (May 2021 Update) Free Download

School of Motion – Cinema 4D Basecamp (May 2021 Update) Free Download

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School of Motion – Cinema 4D Basecamp (FULL) Free Download (Updated with Fixed Audio Files) (Update May, 2021)


Learn Cinema 4D, from the ground up, in this intro to Cinema 4D course from EJ Hassenfratz. This course will get you comfortable with basics of modeling, lighting, animation and many other important topics for 3D Motion Design. You’ll learn basic 3D principles and best-practices, laying the foundation to tackle more advanced subjects in the future.

25+ Hours of Instruction from a Maxon Certified Training Partner
Cinema 4D Student License and Feedback from Pro 3D Artists
Verified 3D Animation Credential Upon Course Completion

Learn Cinema 4D from the Ground Up
Understanding the basics of Cinema 4D is like having a superpower. Adding 3D to your toolkit is one of the best ways to up your value and expand your capabilities as a Motion Designer. The trouble is, Cinema 4D can be tricky to learn. School of Motion, a Maxon Certified Training Partner, can get you comfortable in Cinema 4D in just a few weeks. This class is designed for artists with little to no experience in the software, getting you up to speed on all of the key aspects of Cinema 4D.

EJ Hassenfratz
EJ Hassenfratz is a multi-Emmy award winning Motion Design artist & tutorial artist based out of the Mile High city of Denver, CO. EJ comes from a family of designers. Both his father and uncle were Art Directors for broadcast news stations, where EJ cut his teeth in the industry. Inspired by his wife who teaches special-needs children, he started Eyedesyn, a motion design blog to give back to the community that helped him be successful in the field of Motion Design. He’s been fortunate to work with clients like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Coca-Cola, Nike, ESPN, and the NHL’s Washington Capitals.

Meet your classmates, get comfy with the course format and dive right in with your first project designed to build that muscle memory!

Familiarize Yourself with the Course
Cinema4D Keyboard Shortcuts
Navigating the C4D Interface

Nothing happens in 3D until there’s some geometry, and in the first week you’ll learn about all the various ways to create it. You’ll use primitives, splines, generators, and you’ll even get a crash course in some basic modeling techniques.

Basic Modeling Techniques
Using Splines
Generating Geometry

In the world of 3D it’s lighting that shapes your image. You’ll learn the basics of lighting techniques, ways to create more realistic lighting and shadows, how to control reflections, and other ways to light the scene besides using… ya know, lights.

Basic Lighting Techniques
Creating a Mood with Lighting
Different Material Properties

Take a week off to focus on any lessons and homework you’re behind on. We’ll also use this time to give you some insights on how to approach learning something as complex and deep as a 3D package. Watch out for a cameo from Beeple.

Techniques for Learning with a Purpose

This week you’ll learn how the keyframe and graph editor systems work in Cinema 4D, and you’ll also learn many other ways to create movement using some of the amazing tools built-in to the software.

Using the Graph Editor
Setting Keyframes
Animating on a Spline

The MoGraph tools in Cinema 4D are incredibly powerful, and will give you wizard-like abilities once you wrap your head around the way they work. This week dives deep into this toolset with lessons on modeling and animating using MoGraph.

Using the MoGraph Tools
Creating Geometry with Cloners
Using Text in C4D

Another down week to focus on work! We’ll also go into the weeds a bit to talk about scene management. You’ll learn the tricks of the trade and keep your scenes nice and optimized to save on your render times.

Scene Optimization

In this week, we’ll focus on using the principle of Staging and the camera tools to create well composed scenes and dynamic camera movement. To work in 3D, you need to become a bit of a Cinematographer, and we’ve got you covered.

Working with Cameras in 3D
Creating Good Camera Moves
Staging your Scenes

Many times, you’ll find that you need to combine your 3D elements with your 2D stuff. After Effects and Cinema 4D play very nicely together, and in this week we’ll tackle a real-world project to teach you how to use all of your MoGraph apps in tandem.

Compositing 3D in After Effects
Polishing your Renders
Putting Everything Together

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School of Motion – Cinema 4D Basecamp Free Download

Download the complete course from the link below. This download includes the fixed files + whole course (error free version)

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