AE Academy Volume 2 – Intermediate Techniques Free Download

AE Academy Volume 2 – Intermediate Techniques Free Download

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AE Academy Volume 2 – Intermediate Techniques Free Download

Master After Effects

Operate the Program like a Pro

Once you have a basic understanding of After Effects, the next step is unleashing the full power of this program.

In this 6+ hour training course, you will learn how to expertly utilize the graph editor, implement expressions, stylize color, operate keylight, remove elements with the rotobrush, motion track and stabilize footage with both 2D & 3D tracking systems, render using advanced methods in both After Effects and Media Encoder, and much more.

This course is designed for editors, videographers, graphic artists, and animators with fundamental-level Adobe After Effects experience.

Upon completion of this course, you will have an intermediate understanding of After Effects and be able to perform work with a high level of efficiency. Also download Flux Academy – The 6 Figure Freelance Designer

AE Academy // Volume II Features

Through expert guidance, you’ll master:

The Graph Editor

Gain a solid understanding of how to use the Speed and Value Graphs in the editor

Keying Workflows

Unleash the power of Keylight, luma keying, keying tools and transfer modes


Discover the versatile power of 3 very unique expressions: loop, time, and wiggle


Grasp a deep understanding of this powerful tool and how to fully utilize it

Advanced Rendering

Put the After Effects and Media Encoders Renderers to work for you

2D & 3D Motion Tracking

Expand your fx capabilities with 2D, 3D, face, mask, and stabilization tracking

Coloring Techniques

See how easy it is to stylize footage with simple, but highly effective color techniques

Real World FX Build

3 part series where you will build an fx shot with included After Effects project files and assets


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AE Academy Volume 2 – Intermediate Techniques Free Download

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